April 28, 2009 emtsgrl

My husband and I had a great overnight getaway last weekend!  The last time we went anywhere, besides the occasional dinner alone, was when I was pregnant with Monkey, four years ago!  I did suffer from a little mommy guilt, but was glad to have the opportunity to get away with him if only for a night!  We went to a little resort not too far from where we live called Chena Hot Springs Resort.  When we got there we went and hiked a trail that looped around the resort.  We didn’t see any wildlife, but we did find some of the Chena River.  When we got back we checked in and our room had a little welcome basket.  We decided to change and go for a swim in the hot spring.  It was so cool to be swimming while surrounded by snow and mountains.  The water went from a nice warm bath temperature to scalding hot, but it was so relaxing!  Once we had been boiled we changed again and went to dinner.  We ate SO much, but it was SO good!  We went on a tour of the ice museum, everything is carved out of ice.  If you’re really crazy, drunk, or just have $600 you’d like to blow, you can spend the night in one of the ice museum rooms.  We are not that brave!  We looked at them and took pictures, sat at the ice bar, and stood on the ice stage where you can get married.  Hubby didn’t seem too keen on the idea of renewing our vows in the ice museum.  I wonder why??  Later that night we went back and relaxed in the hot spring.  The next day we went for breakfast, which was yummy, then headed for one last swim!  We toured the dog kennel, learned all about mushing, and met some of the dogs.  I learned that it would cost a ton of money to mush.  So I guess I’ll have to put my dreams of winning the Iditarod on the back burner for now!  Then it was time to come home.  I could have soaked in that spring and relaxed with my wonderful hubby for a few more days!  Oh, and on the way home, we saw a moose, a BIG male moose with a rack!!! 

The Hot Spring!

The Hot Spring!


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