The Trouble With Boys

February 10, 2009 emtsgrl

I picked up Monkey from school the other day, she was sitting on the floor listening to a story and the little boy beside her had his arm around her.  His mom came in about the same time and asked him if Monkey was his girlfriend and he said yes.  We were in the hall and Monkey looks at the little boy and says “Gavin, tell me you’re going to miss me.”  He looked at her said “What did you say?”  She smiled, “I said tell me you’ll miss me all day.”  His mom and I laughed and I said “She’s going to be a needy one.”

Last night she kept on begging for a bath and I told her she could take a bath after dinner.  She looked at me all serious and said “I have to take a bath, I have school tomorrow, and I don’t want Gavin to think I’m all stinky like sausage.”  OK, I have no idea where that came from, but after dinner, as promised she got her bath!  Wouldn’t want to send my child to school smelling like sausage now would I?

Then as I got her ready for bed she asked “Mom, can I wear my princess dress to school tomorrow?”  “No” I replied.  “Why?”  “Well Monkey, it would be difficult to tuck into your snowsuit when you go outside to play, it might get torn, and you might get paint on it and do you want that?”  “But mama, if I don’t wear my princess dress to school Gavin won’t think I look pretty.”  “Monkey, I’m sure you have something to wear that Gavin would think was pretty.” All the time asking myself why I’m having this conversation with my four year old.  “No, only my princess dress.”  “I’m sorry Monkey you can not wear your princess dress to school, you’ll have to find something else.”  “OK, mama, Gavin will like my pink shirt and blue jeans.”  “Yes Monkey, I’m sure that Gavin will like that.  So, is that what you’re wearing tomorrow?”  “Yes mama.”  Yes!  A point for mama!  Fashion dilemma diverted!  Oh what a long road it’s going to be if she’s only four and already trying to dress to impress a boy.  It probably doesn’t make a difference but I keep trying to make her understand that people should like her for who she is not what she wears!


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  • 1. Mrs. Staff Sergeant  |  February 11, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    Oh no! Is this what I have to look forward to now? Boys aren’t like that at all. I think Dillon would just wear his pajamas to school if I let him, haha.

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