January 10, 2009 emtsgrl

Little Chickie and I were up until after three this morning.  This really wouldn’t have been an issue except that my FRG was having a meeting at 10:00 am.  I set my alarm for seven and then at 3:15 when she finally fell asleep, I reset it for 7:30.  Like thirty minutes was going to make a huge difference!  When it went off, I thought about skipping the meeting and sleeping, but decided against it.  I had to cook something to take and get a shower in before my girls got up.  My goal was to have us all dressed, the food cooked, and out the door by 9:30.  Surprisingly we did it!  I even found the building (I’d never heard of the place, much less been there, so thanks dear hubby for the awesome directions) without incident!  After arriving, I was really glad that I had decided to go.  They had a volunteer come and do activities with the children and Monkey really enjoyed the story that was read and the games they played.  We ate some yummy brunch fare and I was so fortunate to have someone volunteer to hold my baby while I got a plate and ate!  Someone had come up with an ice breaker, which always makes me nervous because I really don’t like speaking to a large group of people, especially people I’ve been around once or twice, but it wasn’t too bad.  We got a lot of good information and found out the different ways that we could volunteer.  The kids got these really cool dolls that you can put a picture in of your soldier.  I think you have to order them online, but someone had ordered enough for our company.  When we got home we printed a picture of the husband and Monkey has been carrying hers around ever since.  I fixed the one for Kendal, but as you can imagine at three weeks she really doesn’t care.  Anyway, I had been thinking about a way to get involved in the FRG, so I told the leader that I would be on the events planning committee.  She looked at me and said “Would you be the chairman?”  Umm, I don’t think so.  I told her I would think about it and if she couldn’t find someone else that wanted to be the chairman then I would do it.  She gave me an information sheet about what I’d have to do and told me to read over it and if I decided I wanted the position then fill out the sheet and give it back to her.  Ok, I can come up with some cool ideas for events, but I don’t think I want it all on my shoulders.  I’d feel better having someone to bounce ideas off of, so I thought maybe if I could find someone else who wanted to be a chairman, but felt the same way I did, we could just co chair the committee together. 

I have to laugh because we were stationed in Texas for three years and I think I got three phone calls and a handful of emails from my FRG.  I’ve been here three months and get a phone call at least once a week and my inbox usually has four or five emails from this FRG every other day.  When Kendal was born my key caller and another lady came by the day we came home from the hospital with flowers, candy, and a homemade blanket.  I was pretty shocked by that since I’d never met them, but it meant a lot to me! 

One plus that came from being up all night with the little one, was that I got to chat with my hubby for more than five minutes! 

So that was my Saturday!  Tonight my girls and I are going to the neighbors for a small birthday party.  Monkey will have the chance to play with some girls her age and I’ll have the chance to hang out with some adults!  I am so excited!


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