December 14, 2008 emtsgrl

I have been having strong contractions for a couple of days, they have been pretty regular too.  I have been trying to go about my everyday business waiting for my water to break or something.  Today, we took Monkey out, did some walking, and then came home.  My contractions were five minutes apart, I couldn’t get comfortable, and I finally decided to go to the hospital.  We get there and they hook me up to the monitors.  The monitor picked up the contractions and the baby had a good heart rate.  Of course, when I time my contractions they are five minutes apart and hurt like crazy, but the monitor always tells a different story.   They decided to check and see if my water had broken, which it had not and then they checked my cervix.  Everyone was hoping for a 4, but nope, I was only a three.  Oh, good grief!  So, I was told to get dressed and they were going to call the doctor.  When they returned I was told that the doctor wanted me to go walk around for a couple of hours and come back so they could check me again.  Alright, it’s like 3 degrees, everything except Wal-Mart was closed, and I really didn’t feel like walking every aisle in Wal-Mart with my three year old that would be begging for every toy ever made.  I was also told I could come home, sit in a rocking chair, and rock at a steady pace.  All this in the hopes of getting this child to drop.  Upon leaving, I asked if I had to come back in two hours and I was told that I didn’t have to, but if I had a lot of pressure, my water broke, or my contractions were three minutes apart (instead of the five minutes I’ve been told every other time) I should come back.  Needless to say, we came home.  I’ve done some walking, but my pelvis feels really weird with every step.  So, I guess now we just wait and see what happens.  I am so incredibly frustrated!


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