Wet n Wild

June 16, 2008 emtsgrl

Friday the water park a few minutes outside the town we live in had Freedom Fiesta where all active duty military got in for free, all dependents with ID cards got in for $6, and children got in for $2.50. We decided to go. We packed the cooler with water and snack foods, packed the back pack with sunscreen, towels, and changes of clothes and headed to the park. Normally the admission is $20 a person, so only having to pay $8.50 was a real treat! Monkey was so excited, the night before we went to Target and bought her a Dora life jacket so she could swim in the big pools too. Once we got there we found a spot for our stuff. Monkey was ready to go. She put on her life jacket and picked the first activity, the lazy river. Fine with me, I threatened to spend the whole day floating around on my tube, so relaxing! After that we made our way to the kiddie pool. She did the small slide while hubby jumped off some sort of rope thing in the big pool behind us. Then on to the second kiddie pool where they have added a small water slide complete with pink inter tubes. Hubby took her around to see the kids coming down and she decided she wanted to try, so she got her inner tube and headed up the steps. When she came down she was smiling ear to ear, she threw her arms up in the air and said “That was awesome!” She did that slide seven or eight times. It would be the highlight of the day! On to the big river where Monkey and I swam around while hubby did the water slide. Monkey wanted to try, but alas she was too small. We decided it was time to rehydrate and snack a bit. While getting our water out Monkey took a tumble off the bench headfirst onto the pavement, you can imagine the screams and cries that came after that! I picked her up, wrapped her in a towel, and held her trying to calm her down, the whole time worrying that she had possibly broken her nose or had a concussion or well, you know, all those mommy things we worry about. I wrapped ice from the cooler in the towel and put it on her head and nose. Hubby looked at her and assured me nothing was broken, but she did have a knot at her hairline, a bruised cheek, a swollen and bruised nose, and what looked like road rash on her chin. Hubby is a medic and worked as a paramedic for many years, so I trust his opinion! After a little bit she was ready to go again. We spent another few hours at the park going from pool to pool. We did get to do the lazy river again, going around four times, and I laugh because if we had gone around once more Monkey would have been asleep! We went to the kiddie pool again and then it was time to go. I felt bad because Hubby didn’t get to do some of things he likes to do when we’re out there, but he assured me that all he wanted to do was have fun with his family and he had done that so he was happy. He’s so sweet! Anyway, when we left Monkey cried, all the way to the car which was a bit of a stroll. Two minutes into the car ride home she was asleep and stayed that was until we stopped for gas two minutes from our house! You receive an arm band when you enter the park, Monkey still has hers on, she takes a bath in it and sleeps in it. I’m hopeful that she will eventually let us take it off! We had to promise we’d go back and with the heat the way it is here, we’ll have to!


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