June 9, 2008 emtsgrl

Monkey has a bump under her collar bone that has been there since she was about one. I noticed it right before a well baby check-up and brought it up to her then pediatrician who told me it was a lymph node and not to worry, so I didn’t. For the past week she has been complaining that her neck hurts, I assumed that it was her throat, but she has acted fine so I let it go. The bump has been getting bigger and Saturday I noticed it was red and when my hubby or I touched it she would cry. The alarm bells went off and I decided she should be seen and seen soon. I called today to make the appointment and they got her in today, I was surprised that they got her in the same day, but then started thinking that they must think it’s something odd to want to see her so quickly. When we saw the doctor she pressed on it and Monkey was very brave, but the doctor knew that it was hurting her. She told me that yes, it could be a lymph node even though that’s not where lymph nodes usually are, but it moves when touched or it could be a cyst. Ok, neither of those sound too bad. She said it was prudent to get her an ultrasound so that they could image it and make sure it didn’t look suspicious and then because it was growing she gave her an antibiotic to see if that helped to shrink it. I started to worry even more. After that the doctor said that they would probably refer us to the surgical clinic so that they can cut it out. Her ultrasound is the 19th of this month. What if it shows something suspicious? What if the antibiotics don’t help? I can’t help but play the What If game, I know it’s not good to do, but she’s my baby and I am so worried that there’s something terribly wrong. Thanks for letting me get my worries out.


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  • 1. Mrs. Staff Sergeant  |  June 12, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Oh my. I’ll pray that it ends up being nothing. You were so right to take her in to be seen! I think it’s a good sign that the doctors want to take it out. I would much rather have a doctor that’s more proactive than one that brushes everything off telling you it’s all in your head.

    Keep us updated!

  • 2. Ky Woman  |  June 10, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    So we will start praying now… until such time that you tell us that they aren’t needed.
    Let me tell you, even with my children grown, it matters not their age. They will always be my babies. You worry, you cry, you hurt. But most of all, you love them each and every moment.
    You and Doc hang in there…

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